Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Loathsome Gardening work

Loathsome Gardening work

I'm one of the girls who stayed at school today without leaving for JB.

We're 'FORCED' to do gardening work and my class (so unluckily got the biggest area) . Duh ~ This is not the worst part yet.

You know what, I spotted a long dunnoe-what insect (something like a big lizard) and it came slithering through our feet ! =.='' The girls screamed like HELL !! lolsss

[sigh]...what a bad day for us ! Why can't the teachers just let those who skipped the trip (me) stay at home ?..

anyway..I got 20points merit .Hahas. Can skip school for two days dys ! phew baybeh ~

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