Saturday, February 12, 2011

Last update here I guess? (:

Hi to the kind souls that still visit this pathetic-abandoned-blog, just to let you know that I'm no longer blogging here (:

Instead, visit this site will you? :D

Yes, I've left for tumblr! =D see you thereeeeeee (:

and happy cny :D


thank youuu (:

Thursday, December 30, 2010


Heya people (: Im sorry for the negligence of this bloggie, you see, holidays have been pretty boring. But not really... at least I enjoyed most of the days. (:

Tomorrow's going to be the last day of 2010. The year is coming to an end, yet again (:

And im so glad to say that my 2010 has been an incredibly amazing year for me :D As usual, let's have a trip down the memory lane of twenty ten.

First of all, in terms of academic achievements : promising SPM results, entered KMJ in which I gained a lot of amazing friends, got the scholarship I wanted with my desired programme, left matriculation college, entered Intec for A-levels, and yeah.. these brought a whole lot of difference into my life. (: And this was the year I decided what I wanted to be in the future, was torn between dentist and doctor. And at last I chose to be a medical practitioner :D Thank God for helping me to make my choice.

College has been stressful yet awesome at the same time. Resuming next Monday! Ah.

And I celebrated my 18th birthday which was full with surprises, had a trip to Seoul, Korea which was totally unforgettable and breathtaking. And I had my first ever surgery, oral surgery it was.

Besides, I made a new best friend, Fiona #2. We just have so much in common. Our friendship is amazing :P Hahaha.. And im glad Lu Jing and Jvlyn are still as bff-ish as always. XXX (:

I think, these have all pretty summed up my 2010. And of course, we all have our bad times as well. But let's just forget them all, aight? (:

I remembered last year I prayed for a better 2010. And yes, it was indeed better and in fact, amazing like I said :D Thank God for that.

Sunday, December 19, 2010


Christmas gift suggestions:
To your enemy, forgiveness.
To an opponent, tolerance.
To a friend, your heart.
To a customer, service.
To all, charity.
To every child, a good example.
To yourself, respect.
Oren Arnold

Have a jolly merry christmas earthlings! (:

Monday, November 29, 2010

This is why I just cant leave Facebook.

Do you all have any idea how freaking evil is Mr. Facebook?

Just when my finals were approaching and when im seriously determined to get off facebook and when I finally plucked up the courage to click that freaking 'deactivate account' button cuz I clearly knew I had no sufficient self-discipline to just not log into FB, this has to show up :


Three of them are my besties :( Ok fine they will miss me. So i shall not deactivate.

yeah, randomly found this picture hence this post.

Good night peeps.

Monday, November 22, 2010


A big HELLO from the east! Yeah, Im in Kuching and im updating this blog for someone asked me to and i think it's time to update it also la (:

This is one of the kolo mees that I find to be the best among all (:

So umm, my impression on Kuching so far!
  • Kuching people very friendly
  • Kuching has big, no i mean HUGE roundabouts O.O dizzy going round them haha
  • Kuching drivers are kind of slow lo, heh. That just goes to show how relaxed the city is (:
  • The roads are mostly wide. wide. wideeeeeeeeeee. Sometimes Idk if im on the right lane O.O
  • Kolo mee's are everywhere -.-
  • Char Tau Ke is called Char Ke in Kuching
  • Char Ke is available in black sweet sauce which i likeyy
  • Layer cakes here are super colourful
This is like my, one..two..three..four..fourth night here! I think I had almost done everything a tourist should do in Kuching, Sarawak. Sarawak Cultural Village, Jong's crocodile farm haha, Santubong beach, their famous kolo mee, sarawak laksa etc.. Or maybe I havent met an orang utan yet. That's ok, I still have another six days here, i'll go hunt them down :P

God, did i say another 6 days here? What else should I do here, and what else did i miss, Kuching people anyone? (:

Saturday, November 13, 2010

End ;D

Finals are really overrrrr, for good! And it's true. It's like such a great great great relief for me and for everyone else too, I'm sure!!!!

The overwhelming stress and tensions, panic the day before a paper, intensive studying even in the wee hours of the morning, daily trips to the study room, and the same routine kept repeating for whole two freaking weeks which were enough to make me go mad, have all now ENDED (:

To be honest, we don't freaking have to be so stressful and get all so serious over our 1st sem finals, seriously, but it was the freaking suicide announcement from jay-pee-aye that made us all imu-bound kids go...berserk. For one, it was too sudden, and two, the announcement was made like exactly 3 days before our finals first paper. Well, regarding which path to choose, Im seriously not sure, both have its pros and cons actually. But we're all getting to the same point in the end, right? (: All I know is, I wanted to do my best and leave the rest to God. He will choose what's best for me (: And regarding what's that suicide announcement, I'll leave it till..later (:

Overall, the finals were okay, except for a few unexpected ones. The two usually easiest subjects for this semester, flunked on me O.O Maths and Stats, really :( Or maybe it's true that 'you reap what you sow'. I didn't put much effort into it, until the very one day before the exam. Oh well, at least I really had done my best (: Anyway, the rest of the subjects were okay.. and maybe I should only judge after I get all the marks, heh.

Had fun chilling in Sunway with friends right after the last English paper :D Good food, shopping are alll such welcoming changes. Do you all have any idea how long I'd not been out? All work and no play seriously made me a dull girl!!!

I had just half-done doing clearance actually. Clearance is, you have to clear every single stuff u brought away from the hostel at the end of every semester. So it was like, quite tedious, especially for me, whose hostel is almost like my home. And guess what! I just dismembered a talllll bookshelf, with screwdriver =p For once, I feel im and capable wth. hahaha.. Another small shelf. I'll leave that till tmw!
Im srsly quite exhausted now. Mom coming tmw (: Cant wait.

Good night, happy packing, and most importantly, HAPPY HOLIDAYS! ;D

Friday, October 15, 2010

Too much, too less.

Seemingly it's not that a nice weekend considering i'll be stuck here, in Shah Alam. It's usually not that hard though, perhaps the frequent trips back home for the past few weeks made me yearn so much more for the comfort at home. Le sigh :( Was feeling pretty down just now, and maybe a bit sulky, cant even get my eyes on the biology book in front of me. Perhaps this is the so called weekend blues? heh.. Wanted to destress with badminton, but no shuttlecocks :( Sien much.

But hahahahaha, im alrite again! Restored a bit of my sanity after a good nap and shower (:

Coming up next week : Biology test, report, Stats test, Ethics presentation, demonstrative speech.

Biology is the killer. I doubt i can do better than the previous one this time. Arghhh. But never try never know.

Cut the crap and get on ur work Fiona.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

101010 :)

Before everything, HAPPY 101010 people. hee hee. Do something significant today! For me, nothing comes to mind wth. My life is so typical everyday these days arghhhhhhhhh oh well. I love being at home (:

It's 3.45 am now. Tried doing some chemy exercises. But i guess it's enough for the day. I donch want to sleep at all. Hate the feeling of waking up knowing that Im going back SA in a while. That's the problem of coming home. Switching between two distinct environments just aint nice, both mentally and physically. I guess this will be the last week im back here till semester break, full concentration for finals. heh.. Sem break is coming soon anyway. Sem 1 is going to end just like that, way too fast for me to realise :D A good thing i guess. hahaha.. And oh God, hopefully i'll be fine soon, this is just taking too long @!#$!#!@$!#$

im feeling so sleepy now.

Hmm. Not sleeping doesn't mean the time will stop ticking anyway. So i'd better turn in for the night. hahahaha .. good night.

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Played badminton with the classmates last Tuesday. hahahahahaha it was so fun x) I love my fellow classmates =D

The last post I wrote was on last Friday, and hey, tmw is gonna be another friday again. There goes a week you see :) My week had been okay, except for the monday blah I had. Biasa-lah =p All the enjoyments during the whole last weekend distracted me from the life here, and adjusting back was kinda hard, and hey, i know it was just 3 days back at home! I shall put the blame on Sis and Hannee then =p I must say the whole weekend was soooo awesome.

So Friday's tmw, and I'm going home again. teehee. I must and I have to :) I desperately need a more proper and healthier diet :( This stupid too-easily-affected body.

And no more slacking at home this time round. All tests are coming up. Finals in a month time. Seriously no idea how to stuff in all the new stuff into my brains in such a short time. I guess i shall just take it easy for this time round. By the way, im just saying. Of course I'll make it to the best of my ability :) with the condition that I wont stress out too much, and hope you people too :)

Friday, October 1, 2010

Secret Recipe

In Secret Recipe, doing yet another Bio Report! Got kinda bored so messed around with the webcam. Lol, with the company of Fiona 2 and nice tea.

Flying back Johor in another 4 hours. Yes, im not kidding. My sis and hannee are flying from Kuching and Im meeting them at the airport at around the same time. Recalling my conversation with a friend yesterday night :

Fren : Hey, how you going back bp tmw?
Me : Flying back.
Fren : Very funny, ha ha. Mom fetching you or by bus?
Fren : ????
Me : Airasia. (and the explaination goes on...)

LOL. Ciao people!

Pack stuff :)
♥something extraordinary by someone ordinary♥

October (:

It's the beginning of a new month, October (man, October? is it a bit too fast?) and weekend is coming again :) And for this weekend, im going back home, heh... but the tedious journey to go back, packing and carrying stuff just dampen my mood. But then, i guess all of these will be worthwhile, considering I'll be having Lion in my arm soon and meeting Sis and Mr. Hannee :) wheeeee :)

Sigh, and i have to talk bout this. I was discussing with my roommatie about her. We just couldn't stand her. The stress she caused to all of us under this roof, and especially to me. Hello miss, I know lah we're in a very competitive globalised age, but then I do not have the slightest intention nor wish to compete with you, so just chill :) and you don have to remember and record down all my test marks, and compare how much you lost to me. Even writing about this now i feel ughhh. What's with all these comparing marks lah, yes, there's nothing wrong with it, and maybe this is some sort of healthy competition, but then, moderation is the key lah, k? You're stressing yourself so much and im afraid one day if either one of us accidentally got much higher marks than u, you might jump off the third floor :( and we certainly don't wish that to happen alright ;)

it's 1.15am. Turning in, morning class tmw as usual..

Night ;)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Goodbye :(

Morning! I'm feeling so much better today :) Perhaps yesterday's hot milo and night's rest saved me. he he he :p So much hell yesterday =S Oh well, thanks guys for all the concerns, especially Suh Huey, who promised to accompany me to the clinic if my pain persisted even if it were to be in the middle of the night. That's so comforting you know :) And my roommatie, Wendy, you don't have to feel bad for not being around =p Have fun shopping and erm, drying out ur money =p

Sunday! Fiona will be back later in the evening, she's bringing back lo mai kai for me heh ;)

Random pic found :

Seriously, I need all these.

And hey, yee xin is leaving tmw! ;(

Dear Yee Xin, sigh, and yes you're really leaving tmw. Wuuu. I'm so so sorry I couldn't be at the airport to send you off tonight. Feeling real bad for that. Anyway, take care and hopefully you will adapt yourself with the environment over Russia :) Don't miss me! heh.. I'm so proud of ya, you know? All the bestest and bestest to you my friend!!! Seriously, take care k? Bon voyage, good bye. Safe journey! :) love you