Thursday, December 30, 2010


Heya people (: Im sorry for the negligence of this bloggie, you see, holidays have been pretty boring. But not really... at least I enjoyed most of the days. (:

Tomorrow's going to be the last day of 2010. The year is coming to an end, yet again (:

And im so glad to say that my 2010 has been an incredibly amazing year for me :D As usual, let's have a trip down the memory lane of twenty ten.

First of all, in terms of academic achievements : promising SPM results, entered KMJ in which I gained a lot of amazing friends, got the scholarship I wanted with my desired programme, left matriculation college, entered Intec for A-levels, and yeah.. these brought a whole lot of difference into my life. (: And this was the year I decided what I wanted to be in the future, was torn between dentist and doctor. And at last I chose to be a medical practitioner :D Thank God for helping me to make my choice.

College has been stressful yet awesome at the same time. Resuming next Monday! Ah.

And I celebrated my 18th birthday which was full with surprises, had a trip to Seoul, Korea which was totally unforgettable and breathtaking. And I had my first ever surgery, oral surgery it was.

Besides, I made a new best friend, Fiona #2. We just have so much in common. Our friendship is amazing :P Hahaha.. And im glad Lu Jing and Jvlyn are still as bff-ish as always. XXX (:

I think, these have all pretty summed up my 2010. And of course, we all have our bad times as well. But let's just forget them all, aight? (:

I remembered last year I prayed for a better 2010. And yes, it was indeed better and in fact, amazing like I said :D Thank God for that.

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Bay said...

Sweet post! Happy New Year! :D