Monday, November 22, 2010


A big HELLO from the east! Yeah, Im in Kuching and im updating this blog for someone asked me to and i think it's time to update it also la (:

This is one of the kolo mees that I find to be the best among all (:

So umm, my impression on Kuching so far!
  • Kuching people very friendly
  • Kuching has big, no i mean HUGE roundabouts O.O dizzy going round them haha
  • Kuching drivers are kind of slow lo, heh. That just goes to show how relaxed the city is (:
  • The roads are mostly wide. wide. wideeeeeeeeeee. Sometimes Idk if im on the right lane O.O
  • Kolo mee's are everywhere -.-
  • Char Tau Ke is called Char Ke in Kuching
  • Char Ke is available in black sweet sauce which i likeyy
  • Layer cakes here are super colourful
This is like my, one..two..three..four..fourth night here! I think I had almost done everything a tourist should do in Kuching, Sarawak. Sarawak Cultural Village, Jong's crocodile farm haha, Santubong beach, their famous kolo mee, sarawak laksa etc.. Or maybe I havent met an orang utan yet. That's ok, I still have another six days here, i'll go hunt them down :P

God, did i say another 6 days here? What else should I do here, and what else did i miss, Kuching people anyone? (:

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voyager-yeexin said...

i want to go neh ! fiona!