Sunday, October 10, 2010

101010 :)

Before everything, HAPPY 101010 people. hee hee. Do something significant today! For me, nothing comes to mind wth. My life is so typical everyday these days arghhhhhhhhh oh well. I love being at home (:

It's 3.45 am now. Tried doing some chemy exercises. But i guess it's enough for the day. I donch want to sleep at all. Hate the feeling of waking up knowing that Im going back SA in a while. That's the problem of coming home. Switching between two distinct environments just aint nice, both mentally and physically. I guess this will be the last week im back here till semester break, full concentration for finals. heh.. Sem break is coming soon anyway. Sem 1 is going to end just like that, way too fast for me to realise :D A good thing i guess. hahaha.. And oh God, hopefully i'll be fine soon, this is just taking too long @!#$!#!@$!#$

im feeling so sleepy now.

Hmm. Not sleeping doesn't mean the time will stop ticking anyway. So i'd better turn in for the night. hahahaha .. good night.

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