Thursday, October 7, 2010


Played badminton with the classmates last Tuesday. hahahahahaha it was so fun x) I love my fellow classmates =D

The last post I wrote was on last Friday, and hey, tmw is gonna be another friday again. There goes a week you see :) My week had been okay, except for the monday blah I had. Biasa-lah =p All the enjoyments during the whole last weekend distracted me from the life here, and adjusting back was kinda hard, and hey, i know it was just 3 days back at home! I shall put the blame on Sis and Hannee then =p I must say the whole weekend was soooo awesome.

So Friday's tmw, and I'm going home again. teehee. I must and I have to :) I desperately need a more proper and healthier diet :( This stupid too-easily-affected body.

And no more slacking at home this time round. All tests are coming up. Finals in a month time. Seriously no idea how to stuff in all the new stuff into my brains in such a short time. I guess i shall just take it easy for this time round. By the way, im just saying. Of course I'll make it to the best of my ability :) with the condition that I wont stress out too much, and hope you people too :)

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