Sunday, September 26, 2010

Goodbye :(

Morning! I'm feeling so much better today :) Perhaps yesterday's hot milo and night's rest saved me. he he he :p So much hell yesterday =S Oh well, thanks guys for all the concerns, especially Suh Huey, who promised to accompany me to the clinic if my pain persisted even if it were to be in the middle of the night. That's so comforting you know :) And my roommatie, Wendy, you don't have to feel bad for not being around =p Have fun shopping and erm, drying out ur money =p

Sunday! Fiona will be back later in the evening, she's bringing back lo mai kai for me heh ;)

Random pic found :

Seriously, I need all these.

And hey, yee xin is leaving tmw! ;(

Dear Yee Xin, sigh, and yes you're really leaving tmw. Wuuu. I'm so so sorry I couldn't be at the airport to send you off tonight. Feeling real bad for that. Anyway, take care and hopefully you will adapt yourself with the environment over Russia :) Don't miss me! heh.. I'm so proud of ya, you know? All the bestest and bestest to you my friend!!! Seriously, take care k? Bon voyage, good bye. Safe journey! :) love you


voyager-yeexin said...

Feeling so moved reading this post!!aha!!weii yoh nvm!! daddy is the representative for u all..!!my best gang !!hoho~~weii take care and rest more!my flight will be at 2am..!midnight@,@ u ppl pretty girls dun simply hang out during night time lah ya!!take care and keep in touch! i m a good reader of ur blog duiii~ haha!so keep undating it! wif more pics perhaps..!! view my blog to know more about me~!and rmb! SKYPE!!maybe during weekend!love u. love u all! love our gang! thanks fiooooooooooooona ah wen!! TAKE CARE lah!!

Fiona Liang said...

Awww, and we have curfew too :( So yeah. We have to, and must keep in touch! hahaha, wokay, i guess i need more pichas on this blog, it's getting boring i guess ;) yup, skype, if my connection allows :) YEE XIN!!! i hope i'll still always have you leaving comments on my bloggie :) muahs goodbye T.T