Saturday, September 25, 2010


My backbone hurts a lot, and smth like gastric pain naaaao. Feeling really horrible :(

Can’t be gastric, cuz I never had gastric problems, and today, I didn’t skip my meals at all, I ate on time in fact. Went over to the nearby restaurant, had a bowl of chicken porridge. Didn’t help much :( Still the same, backbone and gastric-like pain. Boiled water and had a hot bath. Now half-lying on my bed. Didn’t help either. I’m not sure of getting what medicine from the pharmacy either. I’m having quite a number of health problems lately, peculiar kinds.

God, what’s the problem? ;(

This just sucks when you’re feeling so unwell and you’re away from home T.T I miss home a lot now :(

Sorry for all the whining, people.


voyager-yeexin said...

Take care ah wen! fiona!!
aha~ i noe why..u feel like ur stomack intestine pain pain..err.sry is hard to explain.
u should eat yogurt. i suffer this also. especially after big exam and u din slp well for long time.Take good rest. my frens asked me to eat fruits and it really help! take care ^^ i m leaving !!miss u !!

Fiona Liang said...

Okay :) Im missing you already :( :( :(