Friday, October 1, 2010

October (:

It's the beginning of a new month, October (man, October? is it a bit too fast?) and weekend is coming again :) And for this weekend, im going back home, heh... but the tedious journey to go back, packing and carrying stuff just dampen my mood. But then, i guess all of these will be worthwhile, considering I'll be having Lion in my arm soon and meeting Sis and Mr. Hannee :) wheeeee :)

Sigh, and i have to talk bout this. I was discussing with my roommatie about her. We just couldn't stand her. The stress she caused to all of us under this roof, and especially to me. Hello miss, I know lah we're in a very competitive globalised age, but then I do not have the slightest intention nor wish to compete with you, so just chill :) and you don have to remember and record down all my test marks, and compare how much you lost to me. Even writing about this now i feel ughhh. What's with all these comparing marks lah, yes, there's nothing wrong with it, and maybe this is some sort of healthy competition, but then, moderation is the key lah, k? You're stressing yourself so much and im afraid one day if either one of us accidentally got much higher marks than u, you might jump off the third floor :( and we certainly don't wish that to happen alright ;)

it's 1.15am. Turning in, morning class tmw as usual..

Night ;)

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