Thursday, October 25, 2007

Scrabble Competition 25.10.2007

Scrabble Competition 25.10.2007

Participated the 'RIMUP Scrabble Competition' today. It was held in our school library. Hmm..the results are not bad, but not really good either. Our opponents are from SDBL and SMKDOJ only. Hahax).

In the 'Group Category', Group 1 [my group] won the champ ! Phew ~ !!
In the 'Individual Category', I got the 1st Runner-up. Haha =) Evelyn won the champ ! pHew.Not bad, ehh?? Haha xD. What's the most important is we enjoyed the game today !
[ But the fact is, the game is kinda boring. I almost dozed off !Haha. ]

...Waiting for Jessie to send pics to me.Will post it up later .

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