Friday, November 16, 2007


I know that having chubby face is really frustrating for some girls (including me, although got one person said i'm not chubby, but mostly yes.ehem) . So, Looking for ways to get rid of ur baby fat? ahaha..Let fiona give you some really easy ways to slim down your face !!

a) Firstly, you should change your daily habits. You should :
  • Apply UV protection cream often
  • Drink a lot of water
  • Have adequate rest and sleep
  • Eat large amounts of fruits and vegetables
  • Massage your face often
ehem. Are wondering how to massage ur face? Well, let me tell you :

  • Use your the middle part of your middle fingers and press on different parts of your face. For each part of your face, press 20 times. Start from the bridge of your nose, pressing upwards to your eyebrows and outwards to your forehead. Then start from the corners of your mouth and press towards the inner corners of your eyes. Finally, press from your chin to the sides of your face all the way to your ears.
  • Use the back of your hand and rapidly pat your chin 30 times. This helps to firm the chin.
  • Use your middle finger and massage your face starting from the bridge of your nose, tracing the eyebrows and then tracing back to your nose. Repeat this 10 times. Next, place your middle fingers onto the bridge of your nose, and move vertically to your forehead, and place all fingers onto your forehead, and massage gently outwards to your temples, then stop and apply a bit of pressure. Next, massage down to the sides of your face, and trace back to your nose. Repeat 10 times.
  • Lie back a bit and use your palm or your finger tips to press on the middle of your eyebrows and push upwards, at the same time, use your tongue to press against your upper jaw, pressing your molars together. Remain in this position and count to 10. Gradually relax. After repeating several times, you can count to 20 instead of 10.
** By doing these daily, you will soon have a nice-shaped face ! Gambatte !

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