Friday, June 20, 2008


Kinda busy lately!

1. School's mag : Takwim, iklan
2. Interact Club : Board of Directors 08/09, Installation

GAH!! These two are enough to drive me crazyyyy! sigh...

The election for the new board of directors 2008/09 did not progress smoothly after all. Just what I'd expected. And I think that you've misunderstood a lot of things. But I don't wish to express it out here, because, I think it's unnecessary, and I shouldn't. I shall make things clear to you soon.


HEY GUYSSS, I BADLY NEED SPONSORSSSSSSSS!!!!! sigh..Where to find another RM4000++??? >.<

1. Get a pendrive from carrefour. (I pathetically do not own a thumbdrive or
2. Find sponsors.
3. Think of a theme for the coming installation!!


fiona :)

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