Monday, October 20, 2008

E-Day 1

Additional Mathematics Paper

The night before, 7.30 p.m :
Flipped through stacks of latihan, scanned through, refreshed back some formula-formulae.
10.30p.m. :
Very relax, ahh, tomorrow add maths paper, haahaaa, no worries, everything's prepared.
*off da lights,hops on bed**fullllll of confidence:D* (which was very very Wrong!)

Morning, 8.10a.m
Received AM Paper 2. Scanned make sure no blank pages. Alright, no problem. Started doing Section A, the first question. *Woots* No problem.Then to the 2nd, 3rd..etc etc.

Reached Section B.
First question, oh no. cancelled out. Q1
Second question : Statistics..yay! Sure no problemmm..bonus questions=D. Did (a) and (b) so happilyyy~din know life could be so eeezziiiii...till (c). oh no. my god. I've forgotten the formula for standard deviation. Oh! nvm. there's a formula sheet. hahaha. But wait. oh no, which is for f and which one is for x..doom.5 marks you know. cannot cannot. Ah, f is for midpoint and x for frequency...

Section C, did first and second, then second question halfway cancelled and jumped to 3rd question.

OK. done everything. Left 3 minutes. And thanksss God,the fact that f should be for frequency, x for midpoint suddenly popped out. F marrrr, f=frequency...sigh..and have to cancel out it all ovaaarrr 3minutes!-.-

Can imagine how messsssy is my paper, and i wonder how pregnant mummy going to mark my paper:p

Lesson that I've learnt : Do not be over confident.

Luckily it's still not too late for me to realise this=)

Ah, the end of a almost-had-a-heart-attack-day.

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veReN said...

i was recevied ur msg...thnx...
u are only one reply me like this~~ XP
i also wish u luck.... XD
2morrow,wednesday,thursday and friday~! lets beat them down~! XP