Monday, November 24, 2008

Moonlight Resonance

How am I spending my holidays?

Nah,i'm now watching "Ka Hou Yvt Yuen" (Moonlight Resonance) DAILY!
A HongKong drama lei geh.

Hou hou tai geh. Hou gam dong geh wor.


Whoa! Din know my gong dong wa gam geng wor.
(p/s : for me is very geng dys, ok)

Yes, these few days I've been watching this hk drama. A bit old, I admit. Now watched till episode 35 dys, which have a total of 40 episodes!! Hmm, 5 more to go. These 35 episodes really kek sei ngo!..with the evil stepmothers, greedy materialistic women !
If the final episode do not have a happy ending, which my happy ending means where everyone in the family really ka hou yvt yuen, I really will take out the dvd and smash it into pieces! *smug face*
I really mean it. If this drama do not have a happy ending..hmm..cannnot, you know. Potray such a bad message to youngsters like me *ehem* Greed will not get retribution??
So, hope it will have a happy endingggggg~

UPDATES : I've finished watching it! unpredictable yet nice ending..exactly what I want..haha! So I think you guyz should catch this, for those who have not! =DD

♥live as you were to die tomorrow♥


Louisa said...

haha.actually you r quite slow..
now everybody watching

Fiona said...

sighh..yaya..i know
so now i'm starting watching it now! =DDDDD