Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Fright of my Life

Wednesday, December 17,2008

Today I had the fright of my life.
This afternoon, I was watching Miss No Good (encouraged by WiLian) on tv.
That drama is realrealreal funny, first, real irritated by Rainie's way of talking, but now I find her cute! huhu`<--her laugh and also the name she gave for a hair dryer. Lol. hahahas~ Well, this is not the main point.

I was laughing so hilariously,hahahaa.. UNTIL I heard some noises that interrupted me.

Flap Plap
from the air-cond. above my head.

I ignored it. Maybe old already lahs the air-cond.

Flap Plap..

like a bit louder this time. It's like small bird's wings flapping..
But it didn't bother me. Yeah, i'm ignorant at times. =x hehe

Flap flap Plap Flap Flap.. PIAK!
Something drop from above my head across my eyes nose mouth and then landed on the floor in front of me.


a cockroach!!!!!

I jumped out from my couch and and and..dunno what to do.
not that i'd never encountered a cockroach before, but, this is totally disgusting! It just flew dropped right in front of me face....!! I don't like cockroaches because of their smell. Now, I'm face to face with it..Imagine the ''nice fragance'' of it..
This is one of the frights of my life. because I dunno whether there are more frights of my life to come. But I hope no more. sighhhhhhh ..

That's all for today~!

♥live as you were to die tomorrow♥


Louisa said...

why did you move?~
haha that xiaoqiang fall in love with you~

Louisa said...

why did you move?~
haha that xiaoqiang fall in love with you~

Fiona said...

haha? ofcourse mus move..bu ran jiu si liawwww..:( ahahaha