Sunday, January 18, 2009


Hey Girls, you still remember this?

I hope you do. Because this is the video I created together with some other fellows prefects in the shortest time possible as we're in the midst of final year examination for the Jamuan Pengawas 2008. Although I didn't manage to be there as some matters cropped up.
So you guys must appreciate it ok! No matter how much the imperfections in it and how lame it is! If given more time, we can do a better job. Lols. no lah, justkidding, full of excuses.hehe. :)
Actually this video i had wanted to post since last yearrrr, months ago. I was trying to upload this vid to YouTube, then only copy and paste the html code. -_- stupid. Now early Sunday morning browsing through old files only came across this video and suddenly thought of this way to upload this. duh. Lols ;p

So, happy watching!! *xoxo
♥live as you were to die tomorrow♥


mIn huI said...

hey. nice and cool video whey =) prefects rock! gosh. i miss my fella prefects

Baby-F said...

awww, really? thanks! moooooahs~