Monday, March 2, 2009


I'm too busy to update my blog lah. Sorry for my absence yah. hahahs..
What am I busy with?
  • Bloody homeworks that hv piled up almost like Mount Kinabalu as a result of not entering class for one whole week.
  • Prefects' camp (just came back last Saturday) no pictures cuz it's pretty dull i think. The only fun part is i got to stay and play with my fellow prefects :D yoohoo!
    Thou during d 2nd day i slept in the dorm whole day cuz suffering menstrual pain. Aiks.
  • The next Sunday morning right after d day after the camp, went for Kitar Semula. Aiks. Only 4 interactors went. Damn tiring.
  • Preparation for d next round debate which i just started last night =.= *sighs
Aiks aiks.

Neways, we won the debate against SMS. =D



wei jian said...

wah!!li hai li hai~

Baby-F said...

whuuu~ round jiu si liaw :(