Friday, May 29, 2009

Best Part of Exam

It's the end of mid-year exam!!
yeah. finally.
This is always the best part of exam.
hahahaha..getting of the load off my mind (:

though loads of unhappiness that happened because of this exam,
or maybe because of a pair of ridiculous twosome. yucks.
She caused trauma to both of you?!
Are you sureeeeeeee????
We thank God both of u din cause trauma to her.
Sigh, pooor thingg my fren.
Kindness turned into disaster.sighs
absurd teachers n that twosome.

Neways, i'm totally so relax today, till don feel like napping.
Currently working on a new blogskin...hahaha
and maybe.....

a new blog address..........


i know i promised not to change d, but then somehow..i just get boring easily.
let's see how.

Good day everyone!!! =)

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