Friday, September 4, 2009

Finally a short break.


Finally a break (but not for long) for me!!
Sejarah papers today, my biggest fear
yay, relieved that it's over :)
Hmm, the objective questions still can...but.
and uh, I learnt something :
  • always trust your first instinct
  • never brood too long over a question that you're not sure
  • never change your answer if you're not sure
Because, I got wrong for many questions just because I did not believe in my first instinct!!
Why always like that one?Ishhh
I really hope to get an A :'(

And one weird thing is,
I studied till real late yesterday,
and I thought I will be super duper sleepy and drowsy and tired today,
but HEY, NO!!
That explains why I'm not sleeping now and decided to blog.

I played with my baby cousin whole day yesterday,
and that is why I had to burn midnight oil, hahaha
Baby Jay Wei is so sweet and cute
Speaks delicately :)
Watch his videos !!!

I dunno why when he saw himself in my phone, he laughed so happily

Okayyy lah that's all for today.

{2 more weeks of suffering to go T_____________T}

♥something extraordinary by someone ordinary♥

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