Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The end of something beautiful


(I have some time before going for movies, so imma blog a bit before my post spm feelings subside hahaha!)

This feeling is great! No more exams, no more burning midnight oil, no more dragging myself out of bed early in the least not, for 6 months i guess. Hahaha! So shiok to think about that.

Anyway, yesterday Chemistry was argh paper 3, so very 'fortunate' for me. I studied ALL the experiments for FORM 4 and 5 EXCEPT ONE that I had forgotten to include in my book last year, and I kept on reminding myself the previous night to ask from LJ. Not surprisingly, I forgotten! The worst part is, that PARTICULAR EXPERIMENT came out. !#$#%!@$%!! I couldn't think of anything more !@#$#%#!@#% than this lor. Sigh but I hope my answer is still logical and still acceptable lah.

It's hard to say goodbye to someone that you've been with since small. And now, I have to part with someone that I've been with since I was seven, when I was still a kid. Yesterday I had to bid farewell to her, byebye Convent! I still remember how I wished how nice if near our school somewhere there were a fast food restaurant when i was still in primary school. And years later, there pop out Mcdonald's. And I thought how nice if there were a cinema when I was in lower sec. And years later, pop out Square one with MBO. Everything came true! lol but then i have not yet tried going for movies after school in my smelly uni. haha Life's like that, when you don have it, you want it, when you have it you're sien of it already. So yesterday was the last time I wore prefects' uni. Chuck! :)

Ok time's running out...hmm what to write somemore.


Wanted to catch a movie last night, but haih one of the above people was late (definitely not me) haha and we missed it! *roll eyes :p

Ok! Gotta go BYE BYE

♥something extraordinary by someone ordinary♥

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