Saturday, June 19, 2010

Another thing on wishlist fulfilled :)

Guess what?


New lappie! LOL..biggrin

Struggling for quite some time. Unsure of which brand of notebook. At last, I still chose Dell! Main reason, lotsa colours to choose from!

No lah, I'm not that superficial. Nyehehe. Just a little bit. razz Lol, and the specs are really good, I mean could stand at par with other brands and it is not so pricey! Plus, Dell service is really good and definitely full stars, based on my personal experience. I have been a Dell user for quite some time already lah. Hahas!


It's pink is kaler! coolcool The surface is very reflective -_-""


Inspiron 14R! lol. k la. No more. Bye! wink

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