Saturday, July 10, 2010

The end of tiring days

Ohai I'm back home again! hahahahas..

Pretty relieved that the orientation week is finally over!!! Those days were freaking tiring, and most of the time I was sleeping in the big air-conditioned hall. Ahaha! Imagine sleeping at 12 something after all sorts of hyper activities and then waking up again at 5.30... so, how can not fall asleep? hhahahas

But then it was fun at the same time lah, especially group activities. hahahaha. Thank God the seniors were real sporting and cute and friendly and helpful etc. etc... so, um, they had made our orientation a not-so-boring one :) yay.

By the way, I think I'm liking terms of facilities I guess. Especially the library, it's freaking 4 floors :))

And everything is soo soo soo much much much better x734263908700 times than KMJ! The library, hall, hostel, classes... ahhhh. so much better! So I couldn't complain, and I'm not allowed to complain, since it's so much better ady, I have to be contented, no?

BUT! One thing that INTEC couldn't compare to KMJ is... da friends!!!! Srsly, I miss you guys so much in KMJ!!!! Vivian, Veronica, Annabella...and everybody else...Eelynn, Sue Sien....Ahhh. I want crazy people like you people. hahahah!

Well, the beggars can't be choosers.

Going back on Tuesday, yay, classes will only start on Wednesday :)

Gonna have home-cooked food gao gao!

That's all people... will update soon


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