Sunday, July 18, 2010

My week

It's raining now, hmm, no. It has been raining for the whole day today. Awesomeeeee!! biggrin

and that is why I have to mood to blog now. aha!

It's so hard to actually sit down at my study table to study or do my homework when there's no rain and when the weather is sooo hot (which is like that most of the time). No windows there, which means no ventilation. at all. :( :( :(

Ok whatever, shall appreciate the good weather I have today! :)

Two day ago went to shop at Sunway Pyramid. Quite near from my place here, around 25 mins, nearest shopping mall lah -_-"" Spent loads of money :( Didn't want to, but couldn't resist!!!! ahhh! nvm lah, long long one time :)

Then yesterday went to shop at Midvalley with 5 other friends. Kinda far lor. Took me like 2 hours, I mean including all the waiting for bus and KTM lah. haha. I vowed not to buy any clothes but then I dunno why!!!! SALES ARE EVERYWHERE. i hate yet i love them :(

Shopped at Mid valley from 11am to 8pm.. LOL. Incredible us, aren't we? Overall, it was an awesome day! hahaha

Ah. School tomorrow again. Please lah, don't give me anymore ice-breaking session ok. Introduced myself in class for dunno how many times a day for the last one week LOL.


My new best friend cum classmate. Her name is also Fiona! hahahahahhahahahahahas


voyager-yeexin said...

aha~! my place nearer to midvalley n i m now at midvalley starbucks!!
LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time no seee!!!!

Fiona Liang said...

re yeexin : whoa! seriously. next time i ajak u okie! hahahahahahhas =D long time no seee u! miss u :)