Sunday, August 22, 2010

Fiona (s)

It's 1.10 am now without me realizing. Ahhhhhhh I'm here to destress..well, writing is a way of de-stressing for me. haha. Hm, but I'm not that stressed also... oh well.

I was browsing through my photo albums and realized that 99.95 % of the pictures are my new best girlfriend, Fiona Tan. LOL. Whether it's my phone or my lappie, her pictures are all over *faints

Ok. I shall reminisce back how this miraculous friendship of me and her happened LOL. Miraculous as in, came from the same state and share the same name, same frequency and almost everything lol! I'm just writing this down so that I could remember how we met when we were young ok..(I feel like I'm always preparing for Alzheimer's -_-") so Fiona, if you read this, don perasan and thought I miss u so much even in the middle of the night like now. hahaha..

Hm. I think I met her like two days before the orientation week ended. We were not in the same group, but I met her one day morning when we sat next to each other at the basketball court. "What's ur name?", "I'm Fiona." "LOL, me too!" ...sounds a bit wrong. Had some chat then ........*forgotten*......... Next week, we knew that we got the same class! We were like, seriously??!? yeah, that's great. And so, the story ends :) hahahaa....


thiz is the Fiona hahahaha


This is the other Fiona :D (p.s I look so fair here, thanks to my awesome phone which always makes me live in delusion)


This is Fiona to the power of 2 (square)


Oh, found this picha. Ya that's her, ready to donate her blood. hahaha.. No pictures of me cuz I didnt donate my blood :(

I've registered everything, and I got a card certifying me as a blood donor *ahem ahem* but as I lie down, the nurse tried very hard to find my veins but in the end, failed :( And so I wasn't able to donate my blood. Fine....

Kay guys. Have to get on with my assignments! Good night!

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