Sunday, September 5, 2010

Home, finally :)

Hey peeps, I'm back home, like finally =)

The first thing I did when I reached home was not diving into my comfy bed, but hug Lion gao gao :)
Lion greeted me with utmost madness which always never failed to bring out the big smile in me. I love him to bits, and I seriously missed him a lot. Hahaha, sounds a bit weird to like love a puppy soooo much, but trust me. he's no ordinary puppy =P

Ah. 2 weeks break after two months in college :)
This break came at a good time. Need to release myself from all the stress there. Lol, didn't know A-level could be so taxing, and mind you, it was just the beginning -.-
Perhaps I just need more time to adjust myself...
and i certainly believe I could manage :)
*being very optimistic lol, it's a good thing, no? :)

Had really nice sleep these two days. Waking up without the morning alarm is really awesome! Homecooked food is fabulous. And everything at home just feels so so so right :)


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