Tuesday, September 14, 2010


That's the only picha I have, I'll tell you why later.

A day out with my distant girlfriend, not really distant though, from Yong Peng =p at the pool and sauna ;) Feels good, cuz it's like im finally doing some exercise since like months ago, well, though I dont fancy exercises, swimming is definitely an exception. And i seriously do think i need to lose some excess fats there heh. And this friend of mine, Hui Ling, Im not sure when will i meet her again, another 2 months or something? Well, it's not that long afterall, teehee. Sem break =) Sigh, why la u enter ktt -.- Neway, can't wait for our next swimming session! =p

Ouhhh but oh God, my precious samsung phone is like, gone case T.T Terdipped into the pool. We were just taking photos. It's actually an old phone, but it's awesome okay, it's my ultimate camwhore phone T.T It takes awesome photos T.T I never abandoned her although I have my baby I. Mad sad :( Yeah, serves me right. for bringing it to the pool. ah, lol sigh.

k ze end.

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