Saturday, March 29, 2008

Debate-Public Speaking-Scrabble : A Chain of Defeat

I kept procrastinating to blog this....well, too shameful *heads down*Anyway, I need to face it ! haha. We learn through failure what...*ahem*(selfconsole) So, here I go :

  1. Inter-school debate
First round we were against smk banang jaya, and...we managed to win. Of course, as 1st time debaters, we were over the moon=D .
Second round, we were full of confidence, and we thought it should be alright..but somehow, intuition is not always right. SMK Tun Ismail managed to beat us right through our face! sigh...I'd never expected that. It was so hard to take it. After weeks and months of sweats , sacrifices of time and lessons, and we lost! It was not a fair judgment, I think. And my teachers said so too. Anyway, AT LEAST, i remain as the best speaker which acts as a ''heater'' =).

2. Public Speaking

Again, another defeat to STI=(. What's the problem here? sigh. I was already lucky enough to get such an easy title for impromptu, and I think I did quite well, but, still, ... lost to that STI gal. Maybe it was the prepared speech part. I don't know. All tht I know is that her impromptu was not better than me. (no offence) sigh.. 4th placing? That's not what I want=(. It's a big difference between 3rd and 4th. It's not the ''same'' as what you all claimed to be.-.o. Anyway, although it was just a small achievement, I've tried my best. Thank God.

3. Scrabble

AGAIN, you know. Just another round to final. sigh. Why can't Lady Luck be with us just for another round? Just another round...Efforts gone to drain once again...


Whatever it may be, everything is over. No point dwelling over it. Tears are just a warmer. I know I'd tried my very best. Not that every thing's under my control. I will try my very best again if there's still a chance. I thanked those who had supported me and I apologized for all the disappointment I caused.

...and p/s : no photos for all the events stated above. Actually there are...but I just don't feel like putting it up. (u see, i still cant face the fact, sigh...)


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