Thursday, April 3, 2008


The word 'free' does not mean that I'm free. I still have tuitions, lessons and homeworks to do.sigh It means that I'm free from exams and competitionssss....finally!

After this and that, after these and those, I'm finally free! He! He! Yespie!

Missysnowy just won't let me off! (For your information, missysnowy is err..*ehem* lar)
She wants me to do a newsletter for the English month *pissed*. It's something like this :

"Fiona, participate in the English Month a newsletter. Can you? (she continued without letting me answer first) find a few ah-mois to assist you. Finish it by the end of this month. OK, I have a class now. "

she just walked off like that.


(or what else do you expect from her? : ya lor hor.)

Okaysss, being a good-obedient type of gal *ahem*, I will just DO it. =[

=) have a nice day !

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