Thursday, April 3, 2008

Changing new

As you can see, new face for my blogggg. =) It's in pinky style. Hehe! I spent hours in front of my pc screen, designing the header, chooosing the colour and blah blah blah...

So, do you think it's nice? Well, I guess yes *winks*.

I'm changing from black to pink as I hate to be blacky-blackieee where ''kids nowadays'' find it COOL. Too bad, I do not find black cool. It just made me feel 'blind'. lol, I dunno what that means anyway, just got that kind of 'blindy' feeling.

After converting from this template to that template, I finally
...chose PINK! I don really like pink, in fact i HATE pink. Actually just want to appear pinkie, as if more 'girlie'. HAHAHA In other words, want to appear more ladylike. *ahem*

Luv my new design !<3

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