Friday, April 4, 2008


Have you ever seen or heard of the ‘bling bling’ stuff? I guess yes, cos it’s too common lar. But for the pathetic guys out there, let me show you lor. xD

Nah, this what I’ve done to my POOR diary ! hiak ! (not diary actually, hmm…notebook)

Yes, I did stick the ‘fake diamonds’ or ‘blingbling’(duh..=.=) ONE BY ONE. *CLAPSSS*

I spent hours doing that you know. *proud*

When I showed it off to people, they said almost the same line lor! :

“Walao-eh, you very free ler si Fiona.” (with a zadao face)

“But it’s pretty nice done weh.” (*woot* a happy me)

“Tank q tank q”=D

fiona :)

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veReN said...

haha~~~ very nice look~~ hahas~!