Saturday, April 12, 2008

April 12.2008

Our school had the Convent Idol competition today. But, sigh, too bad, I’m sorry, I’ve forgotten to bring my camera. So, I’m not going to blog about that, cos without photos, it’s gonna be dull. :) Anyway, I’m sure I’ll blog for the Miss Personality. *winks*



Sigh, kids nowadays…

There was an incident in my school today, where a girl wanted to commit suicide here today morning. (relax RELAX ! read below)

It was something like this :

“There was a girl, well, from Peralihan. I think she had some arguments with her ‘you-know-who’ gang lar. Then I did not know what happen that made her so agitated that she grabbed a pen-knife and slashed her lower part of her wrist. Then of course : bleeding --> St. John--> bandaging--> OFF to HEM’s room "




How come kids nowadays don’t treasure their lives? Their flesh are plastic-made or what? Or else how come they don’t feel painful one?


Note what I’ve written : “LOWER PART of her wrist”

Yes! Lower part. If you really wanted to kill yourself, you should slash your wrist what, exactly at the vein there. Cut off that blue-greenie thing. You will surely die.

I think she was just trying to gain attention lor. Or trying to act emo? haha


My advice : Cut off your vein at your wrist there if you really want to kill yourself. If the vein is not visible, try tapping with two of your fingers. Do not cut anywhere else. It doesn’t help at all. So, if you still failed, try other suicide method. *evil laugh*

P/s : For kids out there, I’m just kidding. Don’t really do what I said. If you really wanted to do so, don’t give the credits to me. Thank you.



I went out for dinner today with my family.

Duh ! You know what happened? (I know you don’t know)

As it was raining in the late evening, and you know, the potholes on Malaysia roads are often filled with rainwater after raining…


I just got down from the car,

Then an idiotic car speeded past,








P/s : To motorists out there, please don’t speed on the road. You never know there’s a pothole full with water and there’s a lady wearing nicely going to have some nice dinner with her family. Sigh.

The end. Good night :)

fiona :)


idiotic said... poor nana~aniways..u sighed too much le larrh...heehs`like lao ah offence// [",]

Fiona said...

Don't worry, you did not offend me. :) haha

veReN said...

wow~~long time nt chat with u... so 2days got free come see ur blog...hahahs~~ how tat gal was silly~~ why want like tat leh... haih~~ and then these days she was ok liao mar? and then... hahas i also want say my poor nana liao~~ hahas~~ cause u tat day was unluckly...but anyway... i am (zhu fu ni)... wish u happy always and cheerful always... when u bz and tired also nt will fee tired... happy oo~~~