Thursday, April 24, 2008

Miss Personality

duh.I regret for promising to blog about this. Totally has no comment for the Miss Personality lor. Anyway, since promise had been made, it has to be fulfilled. Here are some grumpy photos of the dully-MissPersonality of Convent. Just photos. No comment.

And p/s : I'm not the photographer. DEFINITELY NOT.

Champion (morning session)

Champion (afternoon session)-showshihui

Tee Hui Yee (the heart transplant patient) -left

Others :

Lollipop girl
Another lollipop girl
Teddy bear girl
Chinese in sari
Cutie dutch lady

And there's hundreds of contestants. Just picking a few.
**Sorry, pics not clear. I'm not the one taking. Hehe! Grabbed from somewhere else :)

fiona :)

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veReN said...

ur sch got this wonderful event ar...
how nice one~~!! thing i am nt see tat~~
why u nt on the stage~~!!