Thursday, May 29, 2008


*YAWNNNNN* I'M SO BORING ! yaya, I'm going to complain! I'm so so so so BORED! I did not get to have my breakfast this morning! I woke up too late! I'm an early riser usually. But today, sighh, even ''The Great Escape by Boys and Girls" can't wake me up!! lol:p I'm totally deaf when I'm so sound asleep. xD I love da morning breeze.. I WANT TO WAKE UP EARLY! Yea, from tomorrow onwards. But sometimes I just can't help it. Haha

I've got nothing to do now. Sigh. WJ under maintenance. Alone at home. Don't feel like doing homework. No favourite TV programme now. NOTHING to do lor! Oh ya, I'm BLOGGING! lol.

OK-lah, not going to keep complaining. Yaya, coming to the main point of this post! Did you notice on the sidebar, above the header and below this post, there is something like 'ads by nuffnang'? Please help me to click them. Anyone of them. Or if better, three of them=). Or if there's digi advertisement above the 'nuffnang ads', click it. That will be better, I think. But sometimes, it does not appear. Thanks alot! Greatly appreciate your help! In case you're wondering why I'm asking you to click this and that, it's like this. I want to earn some money through blogging. Hehe. So, it will base on the rate of clicking those ads. I'm not very sure also. But, I think it's like that lar. If anyone of you here know exactly what's all these about, kindly leave a comment! TQ! I've still not earned any money yet. So, don't think I'm rich dy. LOL.
Anyway, thanks. When you're free, feel free to click click CLICK! haha!


fiona :)

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