Thursday, September 4, 2008

Blue Thursday

Awh, I'm sick, er, nope, should be 'I WAS sick'. I skipped school yesterday and well, also today, teeehee (: 7 days of hols for me..Yay! =D But it was not nice to be sick, you know, sigh, fever plus rashes all over my bodyyy, soo sooo miserable!! >.< lah=")

This is..well, another random post from me. I had had a 3-days-2-nights holiday at Sibu, Sarawak. I'll blog about it next time, so wait for it!=D (but not really interesting, ok) =p

Oh yeaaaaaa, the Olympics have been over for decades right, but I have not yet congratulate our National Number One Shuttler LEE CHONG WEI!!! =D

You see his smile so cuteee xD

A silver medal worrr!! =D Sooo proud to be a Malaysian!^^

fiona :)

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