Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's coming

Hey GuyZ! New year's a few more hours! (:
Can feel the excitement !
How time flies. Time is moving quickly especially this year, dunno why, just feel that this year really pass so quickly. Maybe my time is mostly occupied this year :-)

What's my new year's resolution?

  • be less absent-minded by concentrating more
  • no lessen last minute work
  • lose weight!! =.= (this is my every new year's resolution but without success YET)
  • never be late to schoool!! (just added - 05.1.2009)
Hey really, I need to cure my absent-mindedness. I've been in trouble so much for this and so I make this as one of my new year's resolution. Last minute work is really stressing... and the last resolution..well, there's nothing much to say bout that.

My new year's wishes will be that everyone around me will be healthy alwaysss, happiness be with you and me, may my wishes come true, and may my life be surrounded with LURVEEEEE~ *hehehehe*

That's all i wished for, dear fairy Godmother (: .

2008 is kinda not a good year for me, or rather a BAD year. Soooo i'm really glad enough to wave goodbye to 2008! ciaoooooooo~ :)

Hope 2009 will be a better year for me, my family and friends~!!

♥live as you were to die tomorrow♥

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