Saturday, January 10, 2009


I've passed my Undang TEST!! last Thursday, heeheee.

This post should have been posted last year as I had promised myself, but, I disappoint myself again. sighs. Neways, the test is kinda easyy, mostly common sense :) .

Actually, I'm posting this cuz' I've nothing to do while waiting for Lil Nyonya to load. it's super slow lo. OKay, not wanting to waste time, let's blog a bit.

Emm, yea, these few days had been busy with school work. Oh YEA, I've changed my name, to... Na En. O.o` it's the idea of Jing En. Wait, who's Jing En? LuJing lor..hahaha, yea, she has changed her name too. WiLian is Jie En. HahHaHA.

(wah sei, the nyonya still loading...) I doubt i can watch it tonight. :(((((

Chinese New Year is approaching!! yesh! earning $ time :)
Most happy is sis coming back! It had been such a long long long time since I last met her. I'm so lonely at home, no siblings to bicker with me. xD

Nothing to talk bout dys.. my blog is getting boring-er and boring-er. XIAN..

♥live as you were to die tomorrow♥

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