Thursday, January 29, 2009


Happy Chinese New Year! eh? i'm still in the cny mood? hmm...should be should be.

I don't feel so nice now. I just felt hundreds of worms wriggling in my mouth and now in my stomach...cuz' I just had Ah See Wantan Noodles!

OK-lah, i'm just exaggerating, hahaha, just to show that i feel...sickening. Ah See Wantan Noodles taste so awful, yet, so MANY people flock there to eat. Like today, my mum had to wait bloody 20 minutes to dapao. The shop is full house. Got that nice meh? *rolls eyes* Till now, they have a total of 3 branches of Ah See Wantan Noodles Shop in Batu Pahat. *rolls eyes again* The so-called very famous Ah See wantan mee is so salty and salty. Other than salty, I can't think of any other adjective to describe the noodles. Salty and white tasteless noodles! Well, I shouldn't judge other people's taste. Or maybe, it's just me... *sheepishly* But then, I have to admit the wantan there is quite nice :) I'm not prejudiced ok. =)

On every year CNY's eve, on Channel 8 there will be a chinese fortune teller to tell fortune for every zodiac animals. I'm monkey My zodiac animal is Monkey, and he said, I will have lots of thieves around, and I will lose valuable things. Very accurate lor! On cny's eve, I lost my silver earring. I was trying out some fake earrings and I remove mine and put on the table. Then, I forgotten to wear it back and left it there (absentmindedness reacted again) Not more than 20minutes i went to get it back, it had already been stolen. *sobs*
p/s : I curse YOU, you who took my earring to have bad luck TEN years! *evil laugh

♥live as you were to die tomorrow♥

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