Sunday, January 4, 2009

Last Day of School Break!

Ohh man, today is the last day of school break. Is this true? I thought the holidays just started yesterday wor? O.o~`` Yeah, it's true. Two months just flew past us. Maybe I shouldn't use the word 'flew', 'flashed' is more suitable.

Two months just flashed away! =x

How sad to realise only NOW, how I had wasted my two-months-time. I'm now like rushing to complete everything, from homework to wrapping text books and then to school uniform..and lastly summing up the prefects' account. A bit late. Luckily I had recorded down everything beforehand, so not much trouble copying back neatly :) . And I feel so tired now, ytd night did not sleep well, been dreaming alot lately. =.= as a result of watching too much tv?

Wo0ts~ tomorrow will be the first day I'll be the seniorest senior in high school! Form 5 life will be great I think, except for the dreadful AS-PEE-EM. Full of anticipation for school life now! wish me luck! heheeee :p

And about the S'pore drama : Little Nyonya aka Xiao Niang Re. Tomorrow will be the last episode and I CAN'T get to watch! tuition ): sadd laa, I've been chasing this drama since episode 10++ and i cant get to watch the last episode wtheck. Haihs. Skip tuition? :)

p/s : I hope I will not abandon my poor journal when school reopens. I will try to update you always, dear blog. :)

♥live as you were to die tomorrow♥

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