Friday, February 6, 2009

Ole ole :)

Aw, i'm so happy today!

The reasons? well, Red House won for the sukantara *cheers! My efforts had not gone to waste :) After all, I love you people! Thanks for making my day! Hope you guys will keep up the good work and make red team the Champion! God bless those i've chosen :) Make me proud okayyyyy? (:

I've no idea why am i suddenly soooo into sports. Maybe cuz i was accidentally made d captain, Lol. Since form 1, no, i mean since PRIMARY 1, i don't care much bout sports. Who cares bout sukantara, sukan kecil or even sports day? Ah, I can't imagine i've to take care all of these now. But still, though without experience, i shall try my best! I won't be afraid to be tanned anymore which is just a lie which i'd feared to the max. but NOT anymore. that's a lie that's a lie

And today someone made me real fed up lor. I'm not going to write it down here. I've had enough trouble. I'm taking part in debate. Princess Snow White made me to do things I don't want to. I want to make it clear here. Actually, it's not that I don't want to take part, or jual mahal or whatsoever la. I'm just, too busy, at least i think i'm busy enough la. As i'm taking spm this year, and i've my school's interact club, interact council and now, with all sorts of sports thingie to deal with though this is just till 19feb. But then, you see lah, how much time left for my studies? I don't want situation like last year, I had to struggle at the end of the year to catch up everything. Somemore, this year SPM. don play play. :( Aiyo, I still couldn't understand why I gave in to Snow white today. Grr. I'm always like this. Speechless whenever talking to her. Maybe phobia towards black. *whoopswhoops* Sigh, anything la. hehe. don worry be happy.

p/s: did i say i do not want to mention it here? *whooops hahaha

but today someone made my dayy. haahhaa. I'm not going to write it down here too. Lols. :DD

So, kesimpulannya wtheck , i'm still happppy today! :D:D

♥live as you were to die tomorrow♥

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