Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I don't feel good today.

I don't feel good today.

oh please not because of scrabble. ok la yes a small part of it. oh yeah, i went for scrabble this morning. and lost in the third round. sighs i'm really tired of all this losings. Oh MY MIGHTY God why can't You just give me more luck and let me get into the final round oh god. We lost by 4 marks Gosh. Fiona 4 marks or even 1 mark is enough to kick you out stop whining here! OK, i shall stop talking to myself here. hahaha (ahnotfunny)

I really don't feel good today. i really don't like when people ask me yes or no when i actually don't even have a choice. i can't even say no. what's the purpose of asking? sighs.


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