Friday, April 17, 2009

Convent's Portal

My PK2 results hmmm yeahh...satisfactory =)

Talking bout two days ago....
We have Mr Terence Yap's bio class. We as extremely energetic youths definitely won't want to eat at the canteen when we have one full hour rest! Somemore, we're Convent students leh...with Mcdonalds, KFC, Silverspoon western restaurant, JJ kopitiam and allllllll kinds of food you want around us, who will want to eat at the school's canteen when we can go out of the sch compound?! haha! Or maybe it's just me and my gang, the gluttonies. huhu..

Oh ok, back to that. Then we went to have mee hoon kueh at JJ though it was drizzling that time. And i predicted that after like half an hour, the rain will stop and we can go back to school in one piece. And my prediction is not always right (or maybe never -.-'') . After like half an hour, bad sign. the rain started to get heavier and heavier. Sighhs...

And for the rest of the story please log on to
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Heheh..i'm lazy or rather not good at summarising. hahahs..

Hey, awesome news! Our school, Convent Batu Pahat, finally has its own website! Check it out :

Every teacher has his/her own email. *whoah.really fuyoohhh. I can imagine now how we can now email the Principal or even.... msn with her?? And found out that actually our Principal too loves camwhoring and her display pics are chio-er than us! hahaha...

Ahh, seems like now, more of our teachers will be on the net and maybe one day some of them will find out my blog. Cannot talk bad and gossip and rant bout them liaw lor

Convent teachers are great and very super dedicated. And they are the bestest teachers in town!

*Hope teachers read this and sayang me. what a stupid bootlicker i am. hahahaha...

♥live as you were to die tomorrow♥

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