Saturday, April 18, 2009

Typical Malaysian Act 1

Another boring Saturday. As usual, helped our dad at his office. wheesh...and missed watching Knowing with friends. It's okay, there's something happy today neways.

The story goes like this...

Today went to Shell with mum (petrol station) and coincidentally, they have a promotion today. That is, if u can correctly guess how much your V-power fuel (not normal fuel) cost, you don't have to pay. That means it's FREE. HahAha..then my mum, being a very typical Malaysian, and typical 'tan xiao pian yi' auntie, wants to try out. haha..

And note that the difference between the real and guessed amount must not exceed RM1. Then i used the calculator on my phone to count and tap tap RM111.90. But my mum insisted that she wants RM 113, with her own reasons. But i insisted 111.90. So in the end we decided to put RM 112.20. Fair, but not really lah. HAHA. then TADAH~~ the metre came out RM112.19!! Arent we lucky! of charge today~woooo.great sense of satisfaction. hahaha..

Being 'tan xiao pian yi' sometimes is not that bad afterall :]

*Aiks. I've been sitting in front of computer too long today. gotta go. Bees everyone :)

♥live as you were to die tomorrow♥

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