Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It's very seldom i blog on a tuesday afternoon..
because Tuesday is always the buziest day of the week!
but this afternoon i skipped tuition cuz no transport.
Ahh, actually WL can fetch me, but then today Karangan don feel like going lah

Yeay` SiS Mic coming back tomorrow. Finally... after like ? months.
I finally have someone to talk to. No i don mean nobody to talk to without my sis, but someone closer to my age at home. more common stuff to talk about. hahah..

Oh yeahh...our school's annual Canteen Day is here again! =D

: 25 th April 09 [Saturday]
Time : 8.00 am to 1.00 pm
Venue : SMK Convent BP

COME support my class!

My class, 5 Dahlia has plenty to offer you :D

*We're selling Ice cream, no ordinary ice cream kay. Nestle Ice cream! with a wide a range of flavours, selling at only RM3 single scoop, RM 5 double scoop! Worth it for a hot day=D

*We're setting up a Haunted Mansion at Block C. Don't worry, there'll be enough signs to guide u there. There wil be 2 haunted mansions on that day, remember 5 dahlia ahhh=)

*We're selling ice kacang...and alot more which i dunno yet. hahahah..

but then come lah, don worry. No boring boring stuff deee. xD

INTERACT Club too has something to offer. Together with Hospital Pantai Batu Pahat, they are organising health tests for you guys! We have blood test, glucose test and other tests which i also dunnoe yet (haha)... only RM2 per test! So freaking cheap rightt? where else can u get? =D

See u on that day ! ^^

♥live as you were to die tomorrow♥

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