Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Hey everyone. Been a bit of busy lately. So, this explains for my neglected bloggie. So i shall update a little today for the sake of LuJing. haha..she has been complaining that i've not been updating my blog.

Actually i HAD quite a number of things to blog about...canteen day and..and...and... Lol, i forgotten *faints
I think i need a notebook to record my thinkings every moment. hahaha. I've something drafted in my mind to write bout d, but then, sighs, forget bout it.

Ok, so bout canteen day, it's undeniably a fun-filled day!! It's sad to know that this will be my last canteen day *sobs

Hey, do you feel extremely hot these few days? SIGH, global warming on the rise! It's really so hot and the heat is so unbearable in school. okayyyy, maybe i shouldnt complain, it's because of us, human beings that caused all these to happen. Yeah, including me now, blogging in an air-conditioned room, contributing CFC to the atmosphere. So, friends, let's fight global warming! But sorry, i cant bear to switch off the plug of my air con. hehehe...

And i'm flying to perth in a few more hours time. Ridiculous to go at this point of time, right? I'm feeling a bit of stress actually, cuz other friends are worrying bout the approaching mid year exam in one week time, and states public speaking in a few days time!! But neways, live as you were to die tomorrow right? So i shall just enjoy when i get to, ahahahah..who knows, i may die of swine flu tomorrow. oh GOD, I AM JUST KIDDING.

So friends, goodbye and see you soon!!! =D

♥live as you were to die tomorrow♥

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