Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Exam fever~

Hey people, i'm back!!!

Real busy this month.
That's why din have the ti
me to blog bout my trip to Perth. Real lotsa things to blog about.
Hope my memory doesnt fade to think what happened in Perth.
Busy with what? Mid-year Exam Fever!!
I'm trying very very hard to catch up with everything.

3 weeks of exam *faints

See my panda face :

Eye bags thickening and black rings forming. duh not enough sleep laaaa.

Add maths paper was hard *sobs. My only favourite subject
has to pull down my confidence like that T_______T

Tomorrow rest one day, that's why i'm blogging now.
Ahaha...someone has to help me to restrain myself from
blogging, facebooking and msning...


Next week going to be a very tense week
with Physics Bio Sej altogether in a week.

*Pengsan to the ground

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