Wednesday, April 1, 2009


HEY. I definitely feel gooooooood today. *cheese

Well, I finally, FINALLY. won something. Fiona Liang finally doesn't have to receive anymore consolation prizes to console her or receive smses like 'it's okay. you've tried ur best. cheer up...' ah you got me. yes finally. I won the Public Speaking Competition this morning :)


And i can say i was real lucky today. First, I managed to present my script, without forgetting a single line. Then, I got d impromptu speech entitled 'If I Were A Millionaire'. Gosh. I'd definitely love that.

Thanks GOD for answering my prayers. Thanks God for everything.

♥live as you were to die tomorrow♥


W E N D Y said...

congrats ya!!!

Fiona Liang said...

thanks wendy!! :)

.ceekZ said...

hey congrats!
ouu yeah, well i was so tired that time.
i just wrote everything!
no hard feelings k?
but i know she asked us to do it on purpose la..
must help convent ma!
huhu but anyway, i'm very proud of u! u're such a good person..inside out!

Fiona Liang said...

to ceekZ :'s okay.i'm just afraid u misunderstood. hehehe. i can understand ur feelings cuz i'm being scolded by her every now and then nowadays ..sighs T__T.

THanK YoU ahh!! hehehe.. and..i'm a good person? really reallly?! HAHAH. thank you !!xD

ahwei said...

congrats woor....fiona^^