Saturday, April 4, 2009

Random 2

Let's see what i've been doing these few days. Well, monday was the greatest day ever. Of course because of public speaking la. hahaha..(i'm sorry, i know i've been trying to make you all focus on this but pardon me. first time winner, so bit of over-happy.hahaha...)

And phew Wednesday, Gerak Gempur Sejarah. And that was hard man. All form 4 questions. Luckily i got some tips from tigs friends the day before muahaha. Kinda mny ppl cant answer.. But then those who said they don have time to study and did not study, in the end they wrote more than anyone else -_-. Sighs.

Many ppl are not their true self as what they potrayed. I am sure you, yes you reading this, sometimes are acting in some way which is not your true self to impress others, or... maybe not to impress....hmmm. just you didnt realize. Don't tell me you never tried to be more demure or gentle or cool when you're near someone you like or with the opposite sex? I'm sure you do. Sometimes it's still tolerable in a way when moderated...but too much can be real annoying.

William Shakespeares, "God created you to be this person, but you acted in another" .

Next week the arrival of PK II. our second monthly test. AIKS. Can it don't be so fast. It's like i just had my PK I wor.

And whoa, today's Saturday dy..the end of another weekend..time really flies oh-my-God.

Sometimes i really wish human beings never need to sleep. -_-

♥live as you were to die tomorrow♥

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