Friday, April 10, 2009

Random 3

*sighhh of relief
Yes, PK 2 is over. heeeeh finally i'm doing my test seriously. Unlike the last PK....hmmm, well, shall not say much.

AIKS. My blog is really getting so super boring lor! Hey, why do you even bother to read? Hey, ya i mean you. Thanks for your kindness :). I found that my last few posts are like so fluffy.. and full of laments. *sighs

Is my life really so boring and full of complaints about life? Or maybe not. I dunno why, when I turn on to this Blogger and wanted to blog on my tiramisucheesie, and at the same time has no happenings in my life to write, I would automatically turn grumpy and laments laments about my unsatisfaction even though it does not really affect my life. But then it's good to relieve that bit of stress! See, i'm in such contradiction. duh =.=

AH! Another fluffy and ranting post pulak! *roll eyes
But then tiramisucheesie is still my ground for my emotions right? duhduhduh i'm speechless with myself liaw...

Our Pendidikan Moral has 36 nilais right?
Hmm, i'm not sure but nevermind that's not the main point.

I wonder why in those 36 nilais, there is no nilai "Kejujuran" which means "honesty" in English?

CONSEQUENTLY, this happens when students do their moral project...

"Saya sedang menolong ibu"

maksud tersirat : "Saya sedang berpura-pura menolong ibu kerana sekarang nak ambil gambar."

*sighs i don wish to do this either..............

AHAHAHA! yes i'm lying =.=

HEHEHE..till here. Ciao (:

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