Saturday, June 13, 2009


It's a quiet Saturday today.hahaha, exactly what i want.
I'm now blogging from my daddy's office.
This is a weekly routine for me, I mean coming to my dad's office, not blogging. hahaha
Coming here to help out my dad, hahaha, good girl I know ;)
Oh yeahh, today went badminton with my friends!
Totally fun!
Stucked INDOORS too long, need some SPORTS.
Release stresssss i'm kinda stressed since yesterday
Because of bloody public speaking
Yeah i can tell u i DON'T like public speaking,
cuz i'm not even really good at it.
It's not that i have no confidence, I have, but then i know my own standards compared to some others
And i'm not even exactly happy that I won the last round
Aiks don't think that i'm proud or showing off or whatsoever
I mean it.
I'm really so reluctant to enter the state level, I know my standards! *sulks*
Miss Rani, if you ever read this, don get mad.
After ranting abit, i feel better now :)
have a good day evyone

♥live as you were to die tomorrow♥

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