Thursday, June 11, 2009

Holiday HangOut

today i got rid off my loathesome homework and went MBO to catch Hannah Montana with my girlfriends *winks
Namely, LuJing, WiLian and Ah Tong :D

OK, we were supposed to be watching at 1.45 p.m.
But our Ah Tong who sweetly overslept!, we had no choice but to catch the 3.30p.m show -_-
duh nevermind, it's still the same show, so no difference actually. hahaha.

So while waiting for Tong's reply(cuz she did not answer phone calls nor reply sms), we went to Witchery Ider to accompany LJ have her lunch.

While she's eating...

*ehem ehem* i know i'm very hardworking.
Told you, i have undescribably lots of homework to do!

Actually I brought my addmaths work with me due to a noble reason. *drums rollllll*
"I wanted to teach WiLian, as she skipped tuition last night, and I was given the responsibility to teach her." *ehem* HAHAHA.
but in the end, I donno what to teach and end up doing myself. WiLian, you dunno how to do only ask me okay? (:

After that went to Parkson, and played with..........Barney?


Hug other people's properties and take pictures with them as they were ours,
totally oblivious to the people looking at us.
Girls are like that, don't we? hahaha.

After LJ bought our tickets, she directed us to Cineplex 2!
Read properly, Cineplex 2.
We went in there, and happy to see that no one in sight.
And I thought to myself, "Yeah, the cinema all ours today!"
which is really stupid -_-
We found our seats, and seeing that the screen is still blank, we started to camwhore.

WiLian and Me. Still looking very happy.

After awhile, I started to feel restless,
how come the movie is so not punctual.
It was already past 3.30 but the movie was not starting, even the usual advertisements were not appearing. WiLian too started to complain.
Suddenly, I dunno from where I had the urge to ask LJ to check back her tickets to confirm if it was Cineplex 2.
Then she pulled out a ticket and I grabbed from her hands and guess what?!
I gave a shriek! Wrong cineplex Baybeh..
Written so large there : 3
Oh-my-goodness. She visits Cinema more often than me but still...
hahaha. OK forgive her, since this was the first time she direct ppl.

Overall, the movie Hannah Montana was great!! Hilarious and touching at the same time!
I would recommend you guys to watch. Worth it :)
Furthermore, Taylor Swift is in it, though just a short while. hahaha.
The Climb a great song. Motivating and inspiring. Totally my favourite! :D

After the movie, went McD.

And LJ again! did something really DISGUSTING and YUCKY. which i'm not going to say anymore. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeewww! hahaha.

Me and Tong. She forever looking so restless.
Looks like i'm forcing her to take picha with me. hmph!

OK. Blog till here. Good night everyone. *xoxo


ABEL said...

er...the drum roll, i can help u haha
yea yea the climb,we muz overcum every mountain ,so susah lar haha

no tak pic wit the bottle tat u wanna buy in the end no buy one haa

Fiona Liang said...

ahaha. drum rolls. haha. laaa.din buy also. XD

ABEL said...

ok applause for mr.Abel for being a kind n good drummer^^